255th Week in Office…

255th Week in Office…

WTC takes a wonderful tour of the amazing job President Obama (sarcasm) has done with America and Foreign Policy/Privacy/and more! Read more to find links to evidence of his own crimes, as well as the crimes committed by his Administration. Click the double arrows below to view this astounding list!

News and Notes: ’Trayvon’s Uncle Ronald Fulton is on the Executive Board of the NAACP Miami-Dade Chapter AND Worked with the DOJ

Video/Audio of the moment:  IRS Scandal Hearing (Full Hearing) 7/18/2013



Congress will hear from Africa special forces commander on Benghazi attack

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Addresses Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman Verdict and Race … But Did He Make the Racial Divide in Case Worse?  

Remarks by the President on Trayvon Martin

Obama: ‘Trayvon Martin could have been me, 35 years ago’ 

Obama and the IRS

IRS Leaked Christine O’Donnell’s Info the Day She Announced Her Senate Candidacy  

IRS official testifies that political appointee´s office involved in Tea Party screening

Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal A higher office is implicated.  


Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail out Detroit ‘Over My Dead Body’


WellPoint’s Anthem Blue Cross spurns Calif. small-business exchange

HHS Admits: You Might Not Be Able to Keep Your Doctor Under Obamacare

In Indiana, Individual Health Insurance to Cost 72% More Due to Obamacare

Obama vs Your Privacy

Tech companies call on Obama for government surveillance transparency report  

Obama Ethics, Year 5

“Barry Soetoro” Has Registered to Vote at White House Address

  Justice Department looking to employ experienced attorneys… for free

Former Navy SEAL Tells of Forced Incarceration under Obama Regime in 2009  

It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Obama ponders canceling Moscow talks with Putin

By Subject

Obama Attacks the 1st Amendment      Obama and the IRS      The Gunwalker Scandal

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment        Benghazi-Gate       Obama vs. Your Privacy

Obama and Agenda 21       The Obama “Dead Pool”      The Clinton “Dead Pool”

     The Boston Marathon Massacre   Sandy Hook Massacre       Socialists/Communists in the White House

Obama and Israel - Year 1 …Year 2 …Year 3 … Year 4  … Year 5

Goldman Sachs personnel in the ObamaWhite House             Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama records which have not been released 

 Gays and Lesbians who currently are in the Obama White House           Is Obama Gay?          Obama and Derrick Bell

A List of Obama Czars (in alphabetical order)          The  Solyndra Scandal

Obama Ethics, Year 1           Obama Ethics Year Two           Obama Ethics, Year 3

   Obama Ethics, Year 4                  Obama Ethics, Year 5

  Cass Sunstein Olympics        Obama Audio and Video        Michelle Obama’s attendants and their salaries

Elena Kagan Mania          Van Jones “Laugh-a-Thon”        Obama and Eric Whitaker

Obama and Egypt             The Berwick Chronicles            Obama Voter Fraud

Obama and TARP        Sestak-Gate        A Brief Time Line of events of Watergate and Monica Lewinsky vs. Gunwalker

     Scanner-Gate        Rosen-Gate       JournOlist/Names      British Petroleum-Gate

Obama VS. The U.S. Military

SOURCE: Nachumlist

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